About Us!

Deanna, The Unnatural Mother is a mommy, a wife, a writer and an athlete who tries to live a balanced, happy and fit life on a daily basis. However, sometimes potato chips, a bacon blue burger and fries gets in her way.  Deanna knows that striving for a healthy fit life is hard, and it's even harder to balance it all with children, a home, and working a full time job, but as hard as it is to do that, she has found that balance is the key to happiness - even if that balance means sneaking in a run, or grabbing a few fries.  With  five half marathons, two Ragnar Relays, a Triathlon and countless 5 and 10k's, Deanna is proving that you can find that balance.   It just takes time, energy and a little planning! Everything in moderation is what her Grandma always told her! Find Deanna on Twitter @UnnaturalMother @BeFitChat and read her musings at http://www.theunnaturalmother.com and http://www.modernmom.com

Laura, or Coach Laura is a mom to two tween girls, wife and Health and Fitness Coach.  Like Deanna, she too, is trying to live a healthy and balanced life.  Having been diagnosed 7 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Laura is an example that even with life's setbacks that you can live a healthy and active life.  Sometimes you just have to modify things to work for you.  You can find Laura on Twitter at @ laurakellypifer  and @BeFitChat and follow her blog at http://www.exercise2day.info.